About Ibadat.pk

Our Aim

Our aim is simple and that is the facilitation of Hujjaj, Umrah Zaireen and other religious travelers especially in finding the best suited option for them according to their requirements. We do not charge any money / service fee for this. Note: For hajj we will never ask you to pay us. All payments for the Hajj packages will be made directly to the Hajj Group Organizers.

About Ibadat.pk

Ibadat.pk is a religious travel deals market place for Pakistani travelers with primary focus on scheduled group departures. We aim to work with trusted religious tour operators who can provide superior services to clients. We specialize in finding scheduled group departures and time-limited deals offered by Umrah agents | Hajj Group Organizers | Ziarat Companies from around Pakistan and aim to use the power of bulk purchasing and groups (minimum sales required) to get better discounts from trade partners. Read more about how we select our Hajj Group organizers in the section at the end.

Scheduled Group Departure

Our primary focus is to find and offer scheduled religious group tour to Pakistani market. Scheduled group tours have a big advantage as travelling in a group will bring a definitive price advantage for the traveler. Furthermore, the relationships developed by the travelers in the group will last for a life time. Note: Our group departures are timebound and if we are not able to gather enough people in the group (minimum 10 passengers required for the group to go ahead), the group departure will be cancelled and the passengers will be offered another group. In simple terms: Groupon Getaways for Pakistani Religious Travelers. But our business model will be drastically differentiated from groupon in terms of service delivery as we don’t want to just become an advertising platform for religious travel companies – we aim to understand the requirements of religious travelers and send them to the Hajj Group Organizer, Umrah and Ziarat provider according to the customers needs.

How we select Hajj Group Organizers

We go through the pain staking process of selecting only the best Hajj Group Organizers in the industry.
  1. How trustworthy is the HGO (Hajj Group Organizer)?
    • Market Reputation
    • Recommendation from reputed agents
    • Evaluation of previous complaints of the HGO in MORA
  2. How are the services?
    • Testimonials from previous Hujjaj
    • Recommendation of Pervious Hujjaj
    • Attitude towards helping Hujjaj
      • Eagerness of resolving complaints of hujjaj
  3. Years of Experience (3-5 years minimum)
    • Some companies have new quota that was recently received (1 / 2 years ago) but they are managed by Groups with considerable experience. Such companies are acceptable.
Note 1: There will be Hajj Group Organizers listed on our platform that are new. Don’t Worry! These organizers will have experienced management of operating Hajj.

Having said this, we reply on our customers feedback regarding the service level provided by Hajj Group Organizers. If you tell us the Hajj Group Organizer did not live up to the expectations, Kindly let us know and we will complete our due diligence and delist their packages from our platform.

Note 2: There have been many instances in the past when unverified Hajj group organizers have taken money from potential Hujjaj and run away. We have verified the Hajj Group Organizers and you should as well before paying for Hajj Packages. How to verify Hajj Group Organizers: The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Pakistan has introduced a short message service (SMS) for helping the pilgrims to save themselves from fictitious Hajj group organizing companies (HGOs). As per an official of the ministry, an intending pilgrim who is willing to perform the holy ritual via the Hajj Group Organizers (HGO) should send the first four digits of HGO’s enrolment numbers from mobile phone to 8331 to check and verify the HGO’s authenticity.

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