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Important things to consider when making payments for your Hajj Package

It’s great that you have decided to go for Hajj and you now want to confirm and pay for your package. Before you make the payment for your Hajj Package, you need to remember the following important points in-order to protect your payments (as Hajj is no longer cheap and you are paying substantial money):

Ensure that payment is made through a cheque / pay order / online transfer

When making payments for your hajj package, it is always advisable to pay through the above-mentioned commonly used methods. This will ensure that you have a paper trail and proof of payment to the Hajj Group Organizer. Any other method that provides a paper trail (like paying through mobile wallets) can also work. But it is imperative that you can trace your transactions.

Make the payments only in favour of the Hajj Group Organizer

It is extremely important to remember that the account title (on your cheque, pay order etc) / account name (if making online transfer / digital wallet transfers) is of the Hajj Group Organizer that you will be traveling with,

For Hajj, never make payments in favour of any other company or individual! This point can not be stressed enough.

We at Ibadat.pk will always tell you the name of the verified Hajj Group Organizer that you are being booked on. Furthermore, wewill never ask you for payment of Hajj Packages.

You should also verify that the Hajj Organizer is registered with the Ministry of religious Affairs.  All Hajj Packages listed on our website are by verified Hajj Group Organizers. However, for your own satisfaction you can follow the method of verification (as defined in our in-depth article on how to verify Hajj Operators) and do it your self as well before finalizing your bookings.

Ask for a receipt / invoice of your payment or deposit

Always ask for an invoice of the amount of money that is paid by you. Remember, there can be circumstances where, invoice may not be available. In these cases, always get a signed and stamped copy of the cheque you are giving, as a proof of payment. In cases of online transfer or pay orders, paper trail is very visible  so these methods are generally safer.

Understand package facilities that you have paid for and get them in writing before you depart

It is important to understand each and every facility that you have paid for as part of the Hajj Package e.g,

  • If you have selected a separate room for your family then you will be paying a higher price for it. Before departing have it in writing, that you paid for a separate room, so that there are no misunderstandings later.
  • If you have paid for a 5 star hotel (for eg Hilton Madinah), then it is essential that you get the same hotel or a similar hotel (i.e. a 5 star hotel). Please try and understand that, there are some times unavoidable circumstances when the same hotel (as mentioned in your hajj packages) might become unavailable at the very last minute even though rooms have been booked by your Hajj Group Organizer  (In Saudi Arabia –  such unavoidable circumstances should not come as a surprise as they are relatively frequent). In these case you should be offered a similar category hotel (that is another 5 star hotel).

Verify the published /listed hajj package price (in Saudi Riyal) is the same as the amount you are paying

When we say published price of the package, we mean the price mentioned in your hajj forms filled out by the Hajj Group Organizers.

You should also review prices as published in promotional material like brochure’s, flyers etc. It is very important to note that price in Saudi Riyal is what needs to be verified. Due to the recent economic crisis in Pakistan and the quickly depreciating Pakistan Rupee, many Hajj Group Organizers have released packages in Saudi Riyals. Even if they have not, you need to take into account the dramatic fluctuations.

Please remember,  prices in Saudi Riyal will stay the same throughout the booking period (of a particular season eg Hajj 2019). However, PKR prices may fluctuate due to our unstable currency.

Hence, always look for the published price in SAR.

Rate of Exchange at the time of payment is applicable

It is not necessary that a person makes the whole payment at once. Depending on the policies of the particular Hajj Group Organizers, many potential hujjaj make payments of their Hajj Packages at different times. How-ever it is important to note that, if the rate of exchange fluctuates in the time between when you make the initial deposit and the time when you make your subsequent deposits, then the new exchange rate will become applicable on the remaining amount that needs to be paid.

Hence it is advised that potential Hujjaj make complete payments as soon as possible, to protect them selves from the fluctuations.

Originally published May 26th, 2019 11:02 am, updated July 4, 2019

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