UMRAH | January 3rd, 2020

Medical | Health Insurance now made mandatory for Umrah Visa Issuance

3 January 2020: In a recent change in policy, Saudi Government has now made medical insurance mandatory as a part of your Umrah journey now. You are bound to pay an extra 200 Riyals for Umrah medical insurance. However, the insurance companies will provide you different covers during your stay in Holy cities.

Minister of Hajj in Saudi Arabia and Tawuniya Chairman signed an agreement to provide medical insurance to Umrah and Hajj visitors.

The reason provided for the implementation of this mandatory fees is that the Saudi Government is trying to implement better experiences for people coming to KSA for Hajj and Umrah. It is as a part of an effort to complete the vision 2030.

Umrah Medical Insurance will be valid for 30 days and will be provided through private insurance companies. The coverage of the insurance is expected to be around SAR 100,000.

There is no clarity on what the coverage will include or whether this will be applicable for out patients as well.

The addition of fees will now increase the price of Umrah packages published on our platform Ibadat and for packages from around the world.

Mandatory Health Insurance - Umrah Hajj Ibadat

Originally published January 3rd, 2020 10:25 am, updated January 3, 2020

Topic: Umrah

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