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We aim to make your religious journey as easy as possible and aim to guide you regarding the process

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Ultimate Guide for Religious Travellers:

At our aim is simple and that is to provide proper guidance all religious travellers before they embark on their journey.

Travelling for most people can as it is be filled with anxiety of the unknown and this feeling can get intensified when it comes to religious travel as emotions come into play.

Knowing what to expect helps one get better prepared for unknown. Hence, we have set out on a journey to become the ultimate guide for Hujjaj, Umrah Zaireen and other religious travellers.

We aim to use the experiences of Hajj Group Organizers, service providers, previous Hujjaj and Religious Scholars to keep potential (Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat) travellers informed about their upcoming journey.

Note | Request:

We are aware the religion can invoke a lot of emotions. Our blog section aims to present general guidance about religious travel and its rituals and also provide point of view from different sects and backgrounds.

When a view point from a particular sect is presented, we will clearly mention it at the start of the article. You may not agree with a particular viewpoint but you are requested to respect different aspects.

Click on the boxes below to know more about each type of religious journey. We aim to build up our guidance section on a regular basis and would request you to subscribe to our blog to get emails every time new content is published.

You can get in-touch with us through our contact us section if you would like us to write on a particular topic or if you would like to contribute.

May Allah accept your journey! Request you to remember us in your prayers!


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