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Ibadat.pk is a technology based marketing platform for Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat packages. Our platform enables your packages to be exposed to millions of people through our marketing efforts.

Partners and Affiliates

Keeping in line with our core aims that are:

  • Facilitation, assistance and guidance of Hujjaj, Umrah Zaireen & other religious travellers in any way possible
  • Providing appropriate tools, services & visibility to religious tour operators and work closely with them so that they can provide superior services / best possible pricing to potential Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat travellers

Ibadat.pk develops and maintains relationships with companies that can provide vital products and services to fulfil these aims. In an effort to help streamline this process and provide options for every type of religious travel need, Ibadat.pk's main avenues for this engagement is Business Partnerships, and the Business Affiliates program.

Business partners undergo an evaluation process that allows Ibadat.pk to put forward those companies whose services are determined to be capable of meeting our users’ high expectations for quality and service. The Business Affiliates program allows Ibadat.pk to form relationships with companies that provide needed services and are committed to supporting religious travellers and travel operators.

Work with us

Prospective affiliates are invited to explore promotional opportunities that put companies, products, and services directly in front of the Pakistani Religious Travel Market. Partner with us today and enjoy great benefits! Drop us an email: info@ibadat.pk

Some of our valued partners and affiliates