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Takaful Insurance for Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat pilgrims of Pakistan

In an effort to bring peace of mind during travel for Pakistani Hujjaj,Umrah Zaireen and other religious travellers, Ibadat.pk joined hand with Askari window takaful to distribute takaful insurance among all the Pakistani hajj, Umrah and Ziarat pilgrims.

Ibadat.pk has taken up a special project in collaboration with, one of the most trusted insurance providers in Pakistan, Askari Insurance .

“Our Aim is to provide a complete peace of mind to any pilgrim travelling from Pakistan so that their prime focus can be Ibadat during their journey,” Kader Ali Baig, Country Head-Personal Line Business, said.

Each hajj pilgrim can book travel insurance by sending us a request. Once we receive the request, the potential hujjaj and Umrah Zaireen will be called by our helpdesk staff in-order to get details for insurance documents processing.

Request Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat Takful Insurance

Hajj and Umrah Takful Plans Available:

Ask Travel – Plans (Insurance Price)
Emergency Medical AssistanceUS$ 10,000
Up to 07 days6501,040
08-10 days850 1,360
11-15 days1,0001,600
16-21 days1,2502,000
22-31 days1,7502,800
32-45 days2,2003,520
46-62 days2,5004,000
63-93 days3,0004,800
94-183 days4,5007,200
184-365 days6,0009,600

Schedule of Benefits (Hajj and Umrah Travel Takaful Plan):

Ask Travel – Schedule of Benefits (All Values in US Dollar)
Cover as provided by Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat Takaful
US $
US $
Section APersonnal Accident Benefits
A2Accindental Death (Common Carrier)Limit to 10% of Available Limit.
Section BMedical Benefits
B1Emergency Medical Expenses and Emergency Medical Evacuation
B2Emergency Dental CareN/a
B3Repatriation of Mortal RemainsCoveredN/a
B4Repatriation of family member traveling with insured personCoveredN/a
B5Travel of one immediate family memberCoveredN/a
Section CAdditional Assistance Services
C1Escort of Dependent ChildN/aN/a
C2Delivery of MedicinesCoveredN/a
C3Long Distance Medical Information ServiceCoveredN/a
C4Medical Referral / Appointment of Local Medical SpecialistCoveredN/a
C5Connection ServicsCoveredN/a
C6Relay of Urgent MessagesCoveredN/a
Section DLoss or delay of Checked Baggage
D1Loss of checked baggageN/aN/a
D2Delayed baggageN/aN/a
Section ELoss of Passport50N/a
Section FPersonal LiabilityN/aN/a
Section GCancellation and Curtailment20050
Section HEmergency Return Home Following Death of a Close Family MemberCovered50
Section IAdvance Ball BondN/aN/a
Section JLoss of Credit Card200N/a

About Askari General Insurance Company

AGICO is renowned for its exceptional services and offers better value for money. They are committed to providing distinct, customized and creative insurance products.

AGICO’s Ask Travel offers various plans with widest coverage at most affordable premium structure. Their customer service standards are second to none.

You can feel confident that you are adequately covered in the event of an unexpected travel mishap.

Having AGICO’s strength, Ask Travel provides best protection with seamless services and gives them a competitive edge over others and simultaneously provides peace of mind to their clients. To assist you, they have an international assistance program on 24/7/365 basis to promptly attend to all your travel needs and identify medical care centres in case of any emergency.