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  • We will never ask you to pay us. All payments are made tthe Hajj Group Organizers directly
  • We are only here tfacilitate the Hujjaj through the booking process
  • The service level is controlled by Hajj Group Organizers and booking request and cancellation request will be handled by the Hajj Group Organizers directly


Note: specific terms and conditions of each package should be reviewed before bookings are made. These are general terms and conditions for Hajj Packages.

  • Nballoting. All bookings tbe made strictly on first come first serve basis.
  • Limited packages based on Hajj quota approved by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  • Provision of all necessary documents for completion of Hajj application form and Visa process is mandatory.
    • Hajj draft is required by Mualim and transportation.
  • Economy class Return Ticket (Karachi tKarachi).
    • Fares are subject tchange.
    • Any increase in Air Fare will be covered by Hajji.
    • Request for change in port of Departure (Karachi) or port of Arrival (Karachi) may result in air fare difference as per airline policy. This change is alssubject tairline approval and seat availability.
    • Package dates are subject tavailability of seats from Airline.
  • Hotel accommodation will be based on package selection in Mecca and Medina.
  • All ground transfers i.e. Airport tHotel, Mina tArafat, Mecca to Medina and Airport are arranged through Naqaba (Saudi Govt).
  • If Ziarat is included in the package then - Ziarat in Mecca and Medina (with guide) is subject tlocal conditions and package dates.
    • Ziarat is may not available for short packages (dependent on package dates).
  • For package that take Mufti Sahab with them – his avalibility in Mecca / Azizia is dependent upon Mufti Sahab’s arrival in Mecca Hotel bookings are made according tHijri calendar of Saudi Arabia.
    • Tentative schedule and hotel stay in Mecca / Madinah / Aziza may change according tHijri Calendar of Saudi Arabia
    • All movement between the Holy Cities is strictly contingent upon Saudi Governments approval.
  • Issuance of Hajj Visa is strictly dependent on Ministry of Religious Affairs and Saudi Consulate.
    • Hajj Group Organizers will only be responsible for completing formalities with reference tMOH (Ministry of Hajj) and will not be responsible for any delay or non-issuance of Hajj Visa.
  • According trecent regulations, the Saudi Govt. will charge an additional SAR: 2,000/- tthose pilgrims/applicants whhave performed Hajj in past 03 t05 Years.


  • 50% payment of Package tbe made at the time of booking. Remaining amount must be paid within one month.
  • Payment tbe made by Pay Order, Demand Draft or Cross Cheque made in the Hajj Group Organizers name
  • Request tchange itinerary may result in change of Package Price and strictly subject tavailability of rooms and flight.
  • Hajji/applicant needs tensure that they have not paid more than the published price. Kindly confirm the actual price of package from Hajj Group Organizers team.
  • In case of changes in the exchange rate of Saudi Riyal, the difference will be covered by Hajji on their remaining balance payment.
    • The rates of exchange as on the date of payment will be applicable. If rate of exchange increases between time of deposit payment and the time of final payment, new rate of exchange will be applicable on the remaining amount.


  • After submission of Hajj Application Form tthe Ministry of Religious Affairs, complete package amount will be non-refundable
  • Refund policy differs for each Hajj Group Organizer and needs tbe confirmed before making the booking.


  • If the number of days of stay in Mecca & Medina are reduced for any reason the package price will remain the same.
  • Any change in Moon Sighting may result in schedule changes as per Saudi Law. This may lead tan Increase or Decrease of stay in Mecca, Medina or Azizia.
  • Stay in Azizia will be on sharing basis, with a maximum of 5-6 persons per room in an apartment building. This is dependent upon the category of package.
  • Request for separate room in Azizia at an additional cost is subject tavailability and package category
    • Some packages dnot allow separate room in Aziza.
  • Rooms in Five- & Four-Star Hotels in Mecca and Medina have the following bedding setup:
    • DBL - Twproper beds or one double bed in a room.
    • TPL – Twproper beds plus one Sofa cum Bed / Extra Bed.
    • QUAD – Twproper beds plus one Sofa cum Bed and one extra or twextra beds.
  • All Itineraries / timelines and extra facilities (for packages where they are applicable) like, separate tent in Mina, Private transport during Hajj days and separate bathrooms are strictly subject tSaudi Arabia Govt. approvals and Maktab Categroy.
  • Any person whhas performed Hajj during the last seven years will not be eligible tperform Hajj in 2018 under Government Hajj Scheme and last five years for Private Hajj Scheme. This restriction will not apply tmahram of a lady. However, Haj-e-Badal can only be performed through Private Hajj scheme. In this regard, the repeater(s) will have tpay the additional taxes levied, if any, by the Saudi Authorities prior ttheir departure for Hajj. (According tPart 8 sub section (VII) Hajj Policy 2017, Govt of Pakistan).


  • 02 Sets/copies of Valid National Identity card (NADRA) /form B (in case of child application).
  • International Machine-Readable Passport (IMRP) photocopy with validity up to 30th April 2019.
  • 10 Photographs 3cm X 4cm with light blue background.
  • Ladies photographs with scarf.
  • Copy of Heir National Identity Card (NADRA).
  • Medical Attestation on form by authorized Medical Officer.


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