Friends Tours Hajj & Umrah Services (Private) Limited

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Friends Tours Hajj & Umrah Services (Private) Limited

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29-L, Business City Plaza, Bosan Road
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Ejaz Zaidi
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About Us

Friends Tours Hajj & Umrah Services (PVT) Ltd. was formed in 2006 with the aim to provide Quality services in the field of Hajj services. We are registered Hajj Group Organizer from 2006. Hajj for many is once in a lifetime journey. At Friends Tours Hajj & Umrah Services, we understand what an important part of your life undertaking the pilgrimage of Hajj/ Umrah is. We understand your desire to attain the highest possible levels of spirituality during the Hajj days and we also understand your need to not be distracted by the logistical problems that are often part and parcel of this holy journey. However, we will not spare any effort to bring comfort, ease and support to your life time journey. Let our team of professional take care of the logistics, the visas, the flights, the hotels, the coaches, the food, and the tents in Mina, the Hajj drafts. Let us take care of you by leaving you free to focus on your prayer which is your primary desire to be there.

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