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Hotel Experiences and Reviews

Experiences of Pakistani Religious Travelers

This Section provides in depth experiences of Pakistani Hujjaj, Umrah Zaireen and Religious Tour Operators of choosing a hotels for Haj and Umrah. Our aim is to provide tips and ticks along with advice regarding choosing a particular hotel.

Hence this is not just a review section. Keeping in line with our aim to be the ultimate guide for religious tourism, we will primarily be basing content using the experience and expert advice of Tour Operators and experiences of previous Hujjaj / Umrah Zaireen.

The hotels we cover in this section are the hotels offered by our Umrah tour operators and Hajj Group Organizers listed on our platform

Impact of Hotel when choosing an Umrah Package

Even though hotels are not the only element of a Umrah Package,  hotel stay can have a considerable impact on your religious journey. This is why, when making a decision, it is good to know the nitty gritty’s of particular properties like potential waiting times for elevators etc besides just the hotel price and star rating.

Impact of Hotel when choosing Hajj Package

For Hajj packages, hotel property should play an even smaller part in the package selection decision making process as Hajj Packages are comprised of many other elements like Maktab Categroy, which should be given more weight-age.

We hope that by reading about hotels in Makkah and hotels in Madinah – you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Please remember us in your prayers.

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