15 Days 5Star-Platinum-Short Hajj Package Maktab Category A

Note: Package start/end dates depend upon moon sighting, Islamic Calendar. Package costs are fixed in Saudi Riyals and exchange rate on the day of payment will be applied


Hotels - Mecca & Medina

Double Room

Rs 1,796,256/-

per person

Triple Room

Rs 1,500,606/-

per person

Quad Room

Rs 1,344,681/-

per person

Note: If you want to go on sharing then Quad room price of Hotels in Makkah and Madinah will apply.
In sharing packages - Azizah will have 5 to 6 people in one room (depending on the package). Male and female share room separately in sharing packages.
If additional prices of separate room in Aziza is not provided in the cost section, then the Hajj package either does not include Aziza or the package does not allow separate rooms in Aziza for families. Kindly review the itinerary below for more details.


Accommodation Location Meals Facilities

Mina Tent

Maktab 6




Separate toilets for the group in Mina, Sofacum Bed, Air Conditioned Tents

Swissotel Al Maqam Or Similar

100 m from Haram | Makkah



Makkah Millenium Hotel / Movenpick Hajar Tower, 5 Star Hotel

Dar Al Taqwa

50 m from Haram | Madinah



5 Star Hotel


Flights are not included in the package


Not Included - Available at added cost of SAR 600 per Qurbani


Private Bus - As per Itinerary


Calender Transfers Location
Mon, 5 Aug | 4 Zil HajjJeddah To Mecca Mecca
Fri, 9 Aug | 8 Zil HajjMecca To Mina Mina
Sat, 10 Aug | 9 Zil HajjMina To Arafat Arafat
Sat, 10 Aug | 9 Zil HajjArafat To Muzdalifah Muzdalifah
Sun, 11 Aug | 10 Zil HajjMuzdalifah To Mina Mina
Tue, 13 Aug | 12 Zil HajjMina To Mecca Mecca
Fri, 16 Aug | 15 Zil HajjMecca To Medina Medina
Mon, 19 Aug | 18 Zil HajjMedina To Medina Airport Medina Airport

Important Notes

  1. Flight costs are not included - However group departure is strictly from Karachi
  2. Meals served in Mina and Arafat will be provided by the Maulim
  3. Mina tents sharing will be 14 to 15 people (all tents may be interconnected or combined)
  4. One Night in Makkah or Madinah may be reduced (incase of this reduction - package price will remain the same)
  5. This Group is comprised of and lead by the followers of Sunni Saiul Aqeeda (Labbaik Ya Rasoolullah). For the comfort of your own journey it is pertinent that you belong to the same Aqeeda.
  6. If you dont, then you are requested to select another Hajj Package. Choosing the Hajj Group you are most comfotable with is very important for Hajj.
  7. Seperate Room in Aziza is subject to avalibility

Other Facilities

  1. Special Private Busses
  2. Ziarat with Professional Guides
  3. Can upgrade to Delux Hajj Package for SAR 1000 per person

Hajj Application Requirements

*According to recent regulation announced by the Saudi Govt, Additional SAR: 2,000/- will be payable by those pilgrim who have already performed Hajj in past Five Years.
*The rate of exchange as on the date of payment will be applicable. If rate of exchange increases between time of deposit payment and the time of final payment, new rate of exchange will be applicable on the remaining amount.
General Package Terms and Conditions. By clicking on the reservation request you herby agree that you have read all the terms and conditions.

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